Have you seen Google’s Wonder Wheel?

Some cool google maps seo images:

Have you seen Google’s Wonder Wheel?
google maps seo

Image by IvanWalsh.com
The Google Wonder Wheel is visualizes your search results around a central wheel which expands into multiple ‘spokes’ based on the subject matter.

The wheel was introduced in May 2009.

It’s very similar to a mind-mapping application, only it uses a wheel/spoke concept rather than then tree/branch metaphor you see in other mind mapping products.

To use it:

1.enter your keyword as usual

2.click More Opyions under the Google Logo.

3.click Wonder Wheel from the left menu

4.click on the words to further – this generates more results

5.click on these until you find the search results you’re after

See the wonder wheel for Ireland: www.google.com/search?q=ireland&hl=en&num=100&amp…

Canada bike there — number 13?
google maps seo

Image by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious
I really expected this Canada bike directions story to be number one yesterday. It’s way down at #13 in my top pages for yesterday. Go figure.

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